Uh oh – it's the part where we ask for something from you, the reader. Don't worry – we feel just as awkward about it as you. But, if you're still here and wish to hear us out, by all means – listen up.

The Void UK makes zero pennies from any corner of the site. We run no ads purely because we don't agree with trapping readers with ludicrous Wish ads. Plus, we hate to link money with music. We're here because we have a deep love for the music and wish only to discover alternative artists and give them the credit they deserve.

We recruit volunteer writers and any upgrade for the platform comes directly from the back pocket of a poor founder. Other than that – money is scarce. Profit, on the other hand – now that's nothing but a pipedream, my friends.

We'd be lying if we said we weren't ambitious. Of course, we want big things for The Void. And when we say big things we mean unique live sessions especially for The Void, camera crews to capture events, professional staff to interview artists – and much, much more. But these things all begin with the generosity of our readers.

We'd love nothing more than to pay our writers and bring in fancier upgrades to the site. We'd love to watch the magazine turn from digital to print. We want all of this, not only for us – but for you, too. And that's where you can step in and help us build on this dream.

By pledging £3 a month on Patreon, our dreams can become reality. We truly do hate to burden anybody for anything other than a browse of The Void – but for the sake of our future – we ask you kindly to lend a hand.

Thank you in advance to anybody who chooses to support our journey! 

Support us here: https://www.patreon.com/Thevoiduk

– Jord Tury
Founder & Editor-in-Chief