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We Struck Gold

Updated: Aug 19

December is upon us and the turn of a new yearbook page is waiting. With that, we here at The Void have been clocking on to new aspiring locals to feature in the final spotlight before 2020 smacks us in the earlobe.

With that said, the Bristol-based melodic hardcore band, We Struck Gold, has been making an appearance or two on social media lately. Perhaps it's due to the large amount of activity. Or, maybe it's because these boys have targeted a wide audience and delivered a beast of an EP a few months back. Whatever it is - they've grabbed our attention for the years end.

We Struck Gold formed in September 2015. Since then, they've gone on to release two EP's: 'Opportunities Are Endless' and 'To Conquer A Fear' - both of which can be found on YouTube and Spotify. Plus, on top of the stacked hours of studio time, the Bristol lads have been working their ways around the UK packing out local gigs, too. So, we can't deny these guys have a strong devotion to the art.

We caught up with the band today for an insight into next year.

Asking about the future of the band, We Struck Gold replied:

"We actually have an EP part 2 {To Conquer A Fear} hopefully coming out March/April time next year. We’re just currently getting some videos down to promote that release ready" Guitarist for We Struck Gold (Jesse) mentioned.

"Besides the second EP we have around 14 songs in demos that we are working on to get ready to hit the studio hopefully around April time next year."

"We only have 3 shows left this year but we have lots planned for next year already. Hopefully an EU tour locked in!"

Jesse signed off with:

"I’d just like to say I hope our music has a positive impact on whoever listens to us. We try to make music that’s motivating with positive energy. We have loads in the pipeline so make sure to follow us!"

You can follow the bands latest activity on Facebook and Instagram . So make sure to give these guys a shout-out and be sure to check out their material. We've got sure as hell enough juicy content to expect next year. So, without further ado - lets give it up for We Struck Gold. Do the UK proud, guys.


26th November 2019: Underground, Plymouth

21st December 2019: Thekla, Bristol

5th February 2020: Satans Hollow, Manchester

8th February 2020: Castle Live, Luton

9th February 2020: The Moon, Cardiff

Pick up the official We Struck Gold merch here.

- Jord Tury Editor-in-Chief

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