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When you can't differentiate between live and recorded – that's when you know you're on to a winner.

There's no denying the fact that Linkin Park bring their A-game to every performance, which, in all fairness, makes this list a little hard to compile. But, after sifting through countless shows and shedding a tear over our fallen brother, Chester Bennington – I feel as if this collection of live tracks can truly summarize the beauty that is Linkin Park.

Over two decades of diverse studio albums, live shows and backstage coverage, and we can honestly agree that there are hundreds, if not thousands of hours of worthy material out there. But, for now, we'll select just five performances. Five shows that encase the mighty power to send shivers down your spine and recall the happier days where mainstream music involved talent and not just vanity.

So, join us for these top five shows, and be sure to let us know your favourite performance down in the comments below.

5. "NUMB" (Live @ ROCK AM RING, 2004)

For me, this performance hits hard. But that's mainly due to the fact that around the time of this show, I was only ten years old, and had just discovered Linkin Park, and, with that – a whole portal to alternative music.

"Numb" was released in 2003 as an instant hit on the "Meteora" studio album. And, from there, enjoyed a spool of remixes, special features, and of course – countless chart positions within the international music billboard.

To this day, "Numb" rests as one of the bands greatest tracks.

4. "GIVEN UP" (Live @ Milton Keynes, 2008)

"Any man who can hold a fifteen second scream live is truly a kingpin of vocals."my late Nan.

Alright, so she didn't actually say that. But, let's be honest here – the fact that Chester is able to hold a scream just as long as the studio recording truly is a beauty in itself. There's that, and then there's matching every detail to an album version so that fans start to question whether they're really playing or not.

Of course, Linkin Park are that good. Ain't nobody got time for autotune or lip-synching.

3. "NEW DIVIDE" (Live @ Red Square, 2011)

It takes more than just being a household name to hype a crowd during an opener at a show. It takes a great combination of effects, suspense, and, of course – devotion to a whole bunch of hungry fans eager for decent music.

Linkin Park deliver all of the above with "New Divide" at Red Square. And, when you can't quite tell the difference between a live version and a recorded one – you know you're on to a blinder of a show.

2. "WHAT I'VE DONE" (Live @ Southside Festival, 2017)

It doesn't quite matter how far through a set Linkin Park are, because you never really seem to notice a decline in energy. The bliss is always fresh, and the sound is always clean – no matter where you stand in the crowd.

There is always an element of perfection in every word and every chord. And, with this performance – satisfaction is guaranteed.

1. "CRAWLING" (Live @ One More Light, 2017)

The performance that managed to bring tears from all over the globe. Published in December 2017 (only months after Chester passed away in July 2017), "Crawling" was the showstopper that had the entire world in a deep state of reflection.

Panning over Linkin Park's career as a whole, millions of fans flocked to this final live performance and paid tribute to the legend that is Chester Bennington. And now, this perfect version of "Crawling" stands at the pinnacle of live shows.

Chester – we thank you, for every word sang, and every life saved.

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