• Jord Tury


Updated: Aug 19

There's sure as hell one thing we can't deny about THECITYISOURS, and that is that these boys are definitely bringing it. Whether it being at a packed-out festival tent or an underground venue – these lads are hitting the ground running and showing up on all corners of the continent these days.

You name it – they've got it. The merch line, the talent agency, the heavy-hitter supporters, the ambition to tour themselves through Europe on a quest for metalcore domination – it's all there, in the creative hearts of five talented London boys. So, of course, we wanted to dip in and get our share of THECITYISOURS. We wanted to tuck in and uncover some of their latest works and find out what 2020 has in store for them. Only, trying to locate an answer from these guys is like trying to find a friggin' black cat in a coal cellar.

We wanted to put these boys out on your radars, you know, in case you hadn't already scooped them up on your metalcore binge sessions. But, if you are new to the group, then why not start at the frontline, where the latest single "Low" has just dropped rather beautifully? That's your starting point, for sure.

Whilst we cling on to the hopes of hearing the good word from the London boys soon, we do hope you'll give them a listen – like right now.

We'll be checking back on THECITYISOURS in the near future; like an obsessed Brownie hungry for a cookie sale. Until then, you know where to catch the five!

– Jord Tury

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