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The Uncharted

Updated: Aug 19

We can't help but smile proudly when we see a Gloucestershire band rise to the glorious heights of the metalcore scene. This time, thanks to the seven-piece army, it's The Uncharted who have caught out wandering eye. But then, saying that – we've had these guys in our scope for quite some time now. After all, it's not like they're fresh to the industry. Who knows – maybe we're just incredibly late to the party.

The Uncharted emerged back in March 2014, where seven unique artists came together to infuse several elements into one outstanding sound. And, following on from the launch, the Gloucestershire boys released both "Follow The Light" and "Cry Wolf" from their catalogue of singles. The band soon rose to power through the metalcore underground, and now, as of today, the opportunities opening up are indeed no longer uncharted.

The Uncharted climbed through the county ranks shortly after the debut EP "Perspectives" hit the scene. This managed to swing open new doors for the boys and give them a kickstart to a rather fruitful career. From UK tours packing out the likes of Amplified Festival to scoring a deal with Down For Life Music. And hey – even Kerrang! had something to say about the rising stars.

'This is a meticulously constructed release with its own backstory and concept' - Kerrang! Rated KKK

2020 is finally upon us and the future is looking bright for the Gloucestershire band. With further promises of new material, tours and videos – fans will have plenty to claw into for a sixth-round of The Uncharted.

Check out their latest single "Serenity" here:

We had the chance to speak with the boys recently. See what The Uncharted have been up to and what's in store for 2020.

How did it all start for you guys? Who did the original lineup consist of?

It all started back in 2014. As members from different bands with a passion for the same style of music we came together to create The Uncharted. We recorded our first ever song in 2014 and we’ve become family ever since. We’re all the original members apart from Matt who joined additionally in 2015 to make seven and Jack in 2017 who took over on drums.

What bands inspired you to create that certain "Uncharted" sound?

When we first created The Uncharted we were massively inspired by Miss May I, I See Stars & Architects. As we’ve progressed through the years we’ve taken inspiration from Monuments, Wage War & Polaris.

Are you looking to explore new sounds in the future?

We aim to experiment with our music and we have done over the last two years. We like to take inspiration from as many aspects in music as possible ranging across many different genres. We will continue to delve into any new sounds we can incorporate to improve our future songs.

Crowning achievement from your music career so far?

Our crowning experience would have to be playing a packed out tent at Amplified Festival as well as touring across the UK for Our Hollow Our Home’s album release ‘In Moment/In Memory’.

Goals for 2020?

Our goals through 2020 consist of new music, playing lots of shows, {and} continuing to improve our sound for all of our fans.

Any messages for fans of the band?

You guys have got us this far, we wouldn’t be here without you and for that each and every one of us appreciates you all more than anything. We’ll be bringing out new music this year for you all. Make sure you come and see us at our shows throughout 2020 and we can continue to grow this family.

Where can we catch The Uncharted over 2020?

All will be revealed as we go through 2020. We promise we’ll come back to all the places that have shown us love. 2020 will be our year.

Follow the boys on their socials and be sure to give them crazy amounts of love. We'll be checking in with The Uncharted again real soon. Until then – keep them on your radars.


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– Jord Tury Editor-in-Chief

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