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'Stranger Things' Star Finn Wolfhard HAD a band. But they've just broken up.

Updated: Aug 19

Best believe our lad from 'Stranger Things' was in a band called Calpurnia. I bet a tonne of people didn't know that, eh? Well shame on you, because there's more to this dude than meets the eye. And when he's not out trying to slobber over Eleven, he's most definitely rocking out with his tween Indie-punk band. Or, at least, he WAS rocking out with them. They've literally just split up, though.

In a heartfelt tweet, Wolfhard said:

“It’s bittersweet to share this news, but we want to let you know that our time playing together as Calpurnia has come to an end. We are extremely grateful for the support we’ve received over the past few years. What seemed to us like an unimaginable reality came to be, and we have been thrilled to share the ride with you."

“It’s been an honour and a gift to meet, work with, and play for so many wonderful people. We feel lucky and hugely grateful for the many fantastic opportunities that came our way. We’re all going to be starting fresh chapters in our lives: new projects, new music, new creative ventures, and new experiences to come. One last giant thank you to our friends at Royal Mountain Records, our manager Bix, our families, and especially our amazing fans. We’ll never forget you! – Calpurnia.”

The band formed in 2017 shortly after the first season of 'Stranger Things' went, you know, viral. But sadly, as the sci-fi Netflix phenomenon skyrocketed to the apex of the global charts, the band sort of settled into the sub-domain beneath the shadows of the Netflix series. And with that, the majority of the fans who would show up to see Calpurnia would really only be there due to the 'Stranger Things' fandom. Not the band,

In an interview with NME, Wolfhard said:

“Most of the fans of Calpurnia are Stranger Things fans, which is not a big deal at all. They’re super loyal and incredible, and really do like the music. It’s the people who aren’t fans of the music and are just there because of Stranger Things that really bother me.”

So, with that, I guess the majority of the band decided to stop living in their frontman's shadow and thought parting ways would've been the best course of action for the band as a whole. Sort of ironic really, considering they're now blowing up around the music scene. But you never know, perhaps they'll make a comeback just as soon as season four of 'Stranger Things' dies down and people can stop obsessing over it.

I think these guys deserve a second round at the title, don't you?

- Jord Tury The Void (Editor)

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