• Jord Tury

Oasis Anthem "Wonderwall" Ranks As The Most Played Song On Guitar Ever

And it's fucking winding people up.

There's nothing more tedious than that one mate who rocks up to a party, snatches the guitar out of your hands, and then suddenly hammers on "Wonderwall", like it's the most unplayed song on planet fucking earth. That's right – we all know that person. He usually goes by the name of Tyler, and his parents usually pay for his guitar lessons every Monday and Thursday at Camp Rock, or something batshit crazy like that.

There's something about the Oasis anthem that just seems to get people wound up. Like, at a party, when things are dying out. That's usually when Tyler steps in and says, "Wonderwall, anyone?" whilst smiling down the neck of his Corona. That, is when, in his eyes, the crowd is sitting in the palms of his very hands. Only, nobody wants to hear that bollocks, and most of the human race are pretty much ready to wage war over the overused track.


Well, to all aspiring guitarists, "Wonderwall" is indeed the go-to song for beginners. It has an easy to follow riff and can pretty much be learnt in a matter of hours. That's sort of why most learners tend to pick it up, alongside "Smoke On The Water" by Deep Purple, of course. Those two combined and most kids think they're Eric fucking Clapton by the end of the day.

As of 2020, it's fair to say that most of the human population that has ever embraced a guitar has considered playing "Wonderwall". And, shamefully, I'm probably one of them. Only, my name isn't Tyler, and my parents couldn't afford the tuition fees for Camp Rock. *sob*

But, anyway, "Wonderwall" now stands as one of the most iconic tracks on guitar, and nobody knows what to think anymore. Everybody just plays it, and of course – everybody knows it. Thanks, Oasis.

"Anyway, here's Wonderwall..."

If you've managed to scoop up your brains from the curb after that performance, why not drop a comment below with the track you think is most played? It sure as shit can't be as overused as our "Wonderwall" here, that's for sure.

– Jord Tury


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