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My Chemical Romance - Download 2020 Japan HEADLINER

Updated: Aug 19

Striking whilst the iron is evidently hot, the teenage heartthrob lads of My Chemical Romance have snatched up their position as Japan's headliner for Download Festival 2020. A lot of people are now beginning to scratch their heads in frustration as the current line-ups for Download UK, France, and Australia are gridlocked without any further update as to whether or not the Emo boys will be headed their ways at all. But, as the band forge their new names and merchandise lines, we can only cross fingers and hope they'll be playing it fair by latching on to a few other festivals around the globe, too.

I think, when all's said and done, we, as former Emo kids, just want to have our nostalgia trips again. And if anybody else gets that privilege where others won't, I can guarantee a riot will most definitely break out.

The black parade will march next June as the Download banners fly high in Japan. But will we get the honour of saluting the boys as well? Or will Japan be the favourite children of the festival underworld? Time will tell, my friends.

*grumble* Japan *grumble*

- Jord Tury The Void (Editor)

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