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Updated: Mar 3

If Pink Floyd and Radiohead had a kid; Mutant-Thoughts would probably be the cherished lovechild of the two. Though, technically, we can't really bolt any specific genre on to this Bristol band. Sure, we've been hearing plenty of groove infusions, but Mutant-Thoughts tend to cycle through sounds like it's trending beyond belief. And, at times, these boys have surprised us with a thing or two when it comes to dabbling in the alternative pool of emotions. From synth-rock to eerie elements flushed out with electronic concoctions; the Bristol trio create a sound that takes the city by storm.

Breaking out into the scene roughly four years ago, Mutant-Thoughts looked to combine inspiration from bands like Yeasayer, Everything Everything and Talk Talk, and form a Bristol-based synth sound that mixed rhythmic energies with harmonic vocals. With that, the band emerged with a goal to establish themselves as an experimental faction that would later become known for tracks like "Is This Me?" and "Odd Boy"

"Experimenting is the core of the band, really. So that's what we wish to stick to," Han Luis Cera (Vocals/Synths) mentioned.

"It's hard to do that in this day and age though. We're not in the 70's anymore when the public was more accustomed to hearing experimental music."

"So at the moment we are experimenting with grooves and different sounds, not only synthesisers, but other things too, in order to try and find a balance of experimentation, and something that will trigger the curiosity of the listener. We're very excited about what we have recorded, and we think people will appreciate this much more than anything we've done so far."

I reached out for comment regarding the recording goals for 2020 and if Mutant-Thoughts plan on unveiling any further works over the coming months. Vocalist Han Luis Cera clued us in on the matter.

"At the moment we are working on these 3 songs which we will be releasing at some point next year. We have more material that we're working on, and we will probably go back in the studio in the beginning of 2020. How the songs will be released is something that still needs to be decided."

Han Luis Cera signed off with, "I'd like to thank them {fans} for taking the time to listen to our music and supporting us and also for the time they've taken to explore the underground music scene."

So, with that in mind, it looks like we'll be catching more intriguing material from the trio very soon. That's something I think we should all keep our diaries cleared for. We here at The Void are stoked to watch Mutant-Thoughts continue to infuse their creativity into unique vibes that aim to educate fans with sounds so wondrously vibrant.

Although no upcoming shows have been mentioned, you can still check in on the boys over at their Facebook and YouTube handles. Oh, and if you feel like dropping in on their official website, you can do that here.

Special thanks to Han Luis Cera (Vocals/Synths), Joshua Lennox-Hilton (Bass/Backing Vocals) and Ollie Medlow (Drums) for taking the time to speak with The Void. We hope you guys continue your uprise into experimental heavens that truly define originality. We look forward to catching the next big release in 2020, guys.

Good luck!

- Jord Tury Editor-in-Chief

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