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Updated: Aug 19

You know a band is going to succeed when the first thing they snatch is a nine track album release, a record deal and a sponsor from Fireball UK. I mean, that's pretty damn impressive for a band who have only been on the scene for a year. That's right. A year. When it comes to IMMERSE, they don't mess about when it comes to delivering strong material and ambitious deadlines. They pack a punch and deliver some pretty sweet stuff. And, by the looks of it, in pretty short turnaround times, too. That's enough to capture the hearts of plenty of us and convert us into fans in no time, for sure.

Breaking out of the counties with their debut album 'Suffer' in December 2018, IMMERSE were quick to secure their spot as one of the most instantly recognisable underground Bristol bands. And, I mean, the fact that they not only recorded some genuinely good tracks, but also booked up a whole sweep of UK gigs, too. That, in itself, is a straight-up devotion to the art. A devotion I think a lot of local bands could potentially take note of, perhaps. In the last year, the boys attendance record across the UK has been quite inspiring, to say the least. From performances alongside local legends such as Oceans Ate Alaska, Nordic Giants, THECITYISOURS, On Hollow Ground, and a whole heap more, IMMERSE have been bagging that name for themselves in a mighty swoop across the country.

Since October last year, the boys have been working closely under the 'We Are Triumphant Records' domain. With plenty of headliner gigs and a fistful of new live sets, IMMERSE have been keeping their heads locked on to the top spot as one of the fastest turnaround bands to emerge from the scene in, well, years. There's no denying these boys have an eye for the game. That, with a great amount of talent and appreciation for the fans; that's what'll get them soaring to such great heights. And, what's better, is that these guys have clearly given us more than we ever bargained for already. So, throw on another year or two in the studio and who knows where we'll catch them next. Download? Reading? Your guess is as good as mine. But one thing's for sure. These boys are destined for some pretty spectacular things.

We reached out for comment from IMMERSE when asking what they're up to these days. "We're currently working on new material and a fresh live set. 2020 should be very exciting for us!" - 21/10/19

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UPCOMING SHOWS: 25th October 2019: The Hairy Dog, Derby (w/ On Hollow Ground)

27th October 2019: Satan's Hollow, Manchester (w/ On Hollow Ground & RIP)

31st October 2019: Suburbia, Southampton (w/ On Hollow Ground & Scars of Protest)

2nd November 2019: The Key Club, Leeds (w/ THECITYISOURS & The Uncharted)

Find IMMERSE on Spotify for a full catalogue of their works. And don't forget to add 'Suffer' to your regular playlist. We get a slight feeling you're going to want it on your radar.

Whet your appetite with some of their releases. There's plenty more where this came from. That you can count on. Over to you, boys.

– Jord Tury Editor-in-Chief

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