• Jord Tury

HOOBASTANK Celebrate 15th Anniversary Of "The Reason" With Nostalgic Cover

If you didn't feel old already, then you will now!

It's pretty rare that we cover news from over the other side of the pond, but that's mainly because The Void is currently one man – and honestly, I'm far too lazy to deal with it. However, that being said, I thought this little anniversary of an all-time classic is more than worth the time and effort.

American rock band, Hoobastank, are celebrating their fifteenth anniversary of the iconic track "The Reason" with a fresh acoustic cover that will pack an all-powerful nostalgic punch. And, if you didn't feel old before, then seeing this new take on the song will sure as shit make you notice those spouting grey hairs.

It was only yesterday I was singing this bloody song on Singstar Rocks for crying out loud. But now, out of absolute nowhere – I'm reliving the olden days and watching four blokes pushing into their fifties. And, you know – I have no complaints whatsoever.

Here's "The Reason", 2020 style.

Thanks for sparking some memories with this one, guys. We hope to see you still kicking it in another fifteen years from now.

Now then – where the f*** did I put that Singstar microphone?

– Jord Tury


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