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Updated: Aug 19

Here at The Void, we've been working tirelessly trying to scope out some of the finest alternative bands in the UK. This time, our cursor has been positioned over the Gloucestershire band, Floorboards; the Cheltenham foursome that stems from a predominantly Emo background with pop-punk and hardcore infusions. With inspiration taken from all over the globe, Floorboards come together to create a crisp and flawless sound that every alternative fan needs to sink their teeth into.

From the roots of Cheltenham to the far end of the country, Floorboards have been knuckling down and smashing out the live sets one by one with great ambition. From acoustic sets to festival tents, the Gloucestershire boys have been doing the county proud by climbing to wondrous heights through both determination and devotion to the genre.

It seems there's a lot more in store for followers of the band. But, if you happen to be new to Floorboards, why not whet your appetite with one of their latest tracks here:

We had the chance to catch up with the boys from the band. Thankfully, they've given us an interesting insight into the upcoming year and a clearer backstory to the band. Make sure to read on for the full interview with the guys below:

How did it all start for you guys? The band name – where did that stem from?

The band started years ago, but this lineup and era of the band started around January 2019 – that’s when we properly picked ourselves up and started working hard anyway.

The name comes from a Real Friends song that {we} was listening to when we were trying to think of a band name.

What other artists inspire your sound? What would you say Floorboards is a mix of if you had to choose two bands?

To be honest, we’re so vastly inspired individually by different corners of music that I suppose it’s hard to pinpoint for us. There is obviously a huge influence from Title Fight, so I’d say them, and for the stuff we’re writing at the moment – I’m gonna chuck in My Chem.

Are you looking to experiment in other genres? Maybe collab with another artist?

We steer in and out of similar genres i.e pop punk, melodic hardcore, grunge etc. But I suppose we’re definitely an Emo band out loud and a hardcore band in spirit. We would love to collab with some of our friends doing other stuff at the moment. Would love Ffin from Delaire The Liar on a track.

What is 2020 looking like for Floorboards? Are there any EP's, albums, tours that we need to pencil in?

We’re writing a whole bunch of tunes at the moment and we’re gonna be in the studio again through Spring so expect some good stuff from that this year at some point. Nothing we can announce in terms of tours but we’ll deffo be up and down the country a few times and perhaps outside of it dependant on our luck.

Have you set a goal for this year? Where are you hoping to be by 2021?

Our goal this year is to write smash hits and have a laugh. By 2021 we’re hoping to still be sound with each other at a bare minimum. But wherever the band takes us it takes us, we have no inhibitions

Any messages to both readers and listeners?

Yeah; listen to Gulch, watch the set from TIHC that hate5six just uploaded the other week –it’s nuts. Also, drink Pepsi Max Raspberry.

You can follow the band over on Facebook and Twitter. Oh, and if you're interested in getting in touch with the Floorboards about an event, you can contact Imperial Music for general enquiries here.

That's all for this issue of The Void. Be sure to swing by the socials and give the boys some major support as they continue to climb their ways through the UK ranks. They're doing an incredible job – so let's hope 2020 brings even more glory to the county.

Great work, guys.

– Jord Tury Editor-in-Chief

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