• Jord Tury

Elderly Woman Nails "Down With The Sickness" Drum Cover

Updated: Aug 19

Okay, so I might've been just as guilty as anybody else when making judgements before physically watching her play. And, to be fair, the video itself pretty much sums that up entirely. It features several people all making assumptions that her go-to instrument is either an organ or a violin. But a drum kit – you gotta be kidding me, right?

"There's no way this elderly woman even knows of Disturbed – let alone knows how to play one of their songs on drums!"

Well, guess what? She did exactly that. She literally played "Down With The Sickness" on drums. And rather well, actually.

Check it out:

So there it is. Our Dorothea has shamed us all and taught us a rather beautiful and valuable lesson in the process. Let's just hope we can continue to see more drummers of the world unite and take us by surprise. Cousins, aunties, grandfathers and grandmas – whoever you may be – show yourselves! Gift us with your talents and prove us all wrong!

Fair play, Dor. Best of luck to you in your drumming endeavours.

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