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Dead Dads Club

Updated: Aug 19

Worcester band "Dead Dads Club" are set to release their upcoming single this Spring. They are an incredibly talented live band that you should get on and support – especially if you live around the West Midlands area. Whilst they are yet to release their first single "Minimum Wage" on Spotify, they've already made their presence known on the local alternative scene!

Meeting at an open mic night back in 2017, they have been performing at small local gigs in order for them to build more of a following.

It may be a matter of opinion, but one of the main factors about performing live is engaging with your audience. You can tell a lot from a band by the way they interact with their listeners. If the crowd is dead...well, then you have a problem! This isn't an issue that Dead Dads Club have however. They're very active online, have a chat with the audience when performing – and they just have a way of making everything fun and chill. If you're in need of a good night out, then they're ones to keep your eyes on!

Of course, we're all about supporting the local talent over here, so why not go and check them out? Due to recent circumstances in the world right now, it is SO important to give a helping hand to bands and musicians such as Dead Dads Club – now more than ever!

We reached out to the band to see what they had to say about their recent music, how the band started…all that jazz! Here's what vocalist Lee had to say:

You have a new single coming out before the summer, what can you tell us about it?

Our first single "Minimum Wage" will be out before the summer – probably May or June. I wrote it after a friend had gone through a marriage breakdown. His ex-wife was looking to take 75% of everything he'd worked for. He phoned me to tell me and I felt really angry for him. I hung up and wrote "Minimum Wage" in 30 minutes.

How did the band come together?

We all met at an open mic night and we started to jam together; the band was formed as a result. We've had a couple of line-up changes but three of us have been {here} since day 1 in 2017.

How would you describe your sound to people who have never heard your music before?

Our sound takes a lot of influence from the big 60s bands and the indie bands of the 90s. We have an upbeat vibe – with the kind of catchy hooks that get stuck in your head. Throw in one of the best young lead guitarists in the U.K and our sound is complete.

What other artists inspire you the most?

Milo (lead guitar) has always been a huge Hendrix fan, but more recently he's been listening to a lot of Steely Dan and John Schofield.

J.D (drummer) is a big Oasis and Beatles fan. But his favourite drummer is Buddy Rich.

Liam (bass) loves Dylan, Gary Clarke JR, and a lot of Bluesg stuff.

Lee (vocals/rhythm) is a big fan of Crosby Stills Nash and Young, and other bands from the 70s, as well as Jaz artists like Miles Davis and Bill Evans.

Do you have any gig dates coming up that our readers can check out?

We're playing; Dead Wax, Birmingham (May 30th), Actress + Bishop, Birmingham (April 10th), and Lakefest Festival in August.

What are your goals for the rest of the year? What is 2020 looking like for Dead Dads Club?

Our main goals are to build a following up North - Manchester and Liverpool are our main targets – and to be played on 6 music by Steve Lamacq.

If we could regularly sell out venues the size of Sunflower Lounge in Birmingham we'd be ecstatic! We'll just keep writing better songs, rehearsing more and, ultimately, keep enjoying it. It should be fun, right?

I don't think Lee needs to ask if it's going to be fun, of course it's going to be! Sadly, they have recently announced that lead guitarist Milo has made the tough decision to leave the band to pursue his academic training. But it's not all doom and gloom! This means that Dead Dads Club is now on the hunt for a new guitarist! Make sure you head over to the band's Facebook page for more details.

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– Emma Mages

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