• Jord Tury

Covid-19 & Music

Updated: Aug 19

If there was ever a time we would need to start supporting music - it'd be right now, in this bloody awful time. It's musicians and creative locals that are giving their all in order to keep the isolated from completely losing their marbles. And now, due to local venues being closed and live shows being scrapped, fans are taking to the internet in order to get their melodic fix.

Nobody can really tell where we'll be in six months time. But, for this moment, in the here and now, artists need your support. Talented people across the UK are devoting their time to bring sessions to you from across the web and the music is still very much being shared to those willing to listen. All that we ask you now is to give the performer a nudge of positivity.

Here's hoping our planet will heal from this pandemic. Here's hoping, that this time next year, we'll be drinking a pint to a live acoustic set beneath the blazing sun. Together, hand in hand, we'll leave our dusty homes and merge back into the hungry crowds desperate for some live sound.

Please, support your local bands. We'll get through this perplexing phase together and soar victoriously. Hang in there, readers - COVID-19 ain't got nothing on us. That's all for this issue, Void readers. Make sure to support us and pledge to our Patreon for all the extra perks and features.

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