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Corey Taylor & Son - Stone Sour Surprise Performance

Updated: Aug 19

Yeah, alright, I know this was a couple of years ago. I'm still sharing it again because I still haven't quite gotten over the fact that these two are almost TOO identical. Like, I understand it's father and son, but come on, the kid's a literal clone of his rockstar Dad.

Back in 2017, Stone Sour's frontman Corey Taylor surprised the crowd with a cameo appearance from his teen son, Griffin. And together, they performed 'Song 3' to the crowd of dazzled fans; surpassing expectations by an enormous amount.

Let's face it – the kid nailed it! I don't know about you, but I think Griff has a bright future in the music industry should he choose to follow it like his iconic Dad. But, I mean, we can only wait and see, I guess. One thing's for sure – this lad has our approval.

Check out the live performance here:

- Jord Tury The Void (Editor)

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