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Updated: Aug 19

Aviira, formerly known as Avenge The Heartache, have been on the metalcore scene for quite some time now. And, in recent years, have managed to snatch some pretty sweet gigs alongside some of the bigger names in the metal market. From huge spitfire festivals to up close and personal shows for the fans in the UK. Oh, and dare I say a few potential tours for the fans around Europe, too. But, I won't jinx it. That may or may not happen. might happen. *wink wink* The lads from Gloucester, UK, have been making a name for themselves with a spread of tracks and enough EP's to whet our appetites for the sneaky album release in the works. With talks of several tours and new music projects on the plate, Aviira have cemented their places in stone amongst some of the most successful bands to come out of the county.

Aviira, or formerly remembered as Avenge The Heartache, booted up back in 2011 with current members, Keelan Biggs (Vocals) and Sam Stanton (Vocals/Guitar) as the frontmen of the band. With various members coming and going left, right and centre, Avenge The Heartache tried to locate their own unique sound whilst crafting the perfect portrait for the band. And, with a whole lot of persistence and a fistful of ambition, they were able to establish themselves to the public by years end. Coming out into the scene with the track, 'I Will Never Leave You' on the 2nd August 2011, Avenge The Heartache quickly secured the love of hundreds of loyal Gloucester fans in a short space of time. And, from there, were quick to the table with new recorded tracks, their first official music video for the song 'Existence', and mini-tours around the county and beyond.

Fast-forward several years and you'll see a whole set of new charming faces. With a polished sound and a toe dipped in various pools, Aviira, have broken out into the Spotify world and captured the eyes of several thousands of fans across the globe.

Aviira have continued to impress us over the years. Their legacy is being carved rather beautifully and their passion for the art never fails to make us smile. With love for not only the music, but for the fans, too, the boys have been doing us proud by slapping Gloucester on the map for the rest of the world to witness.

Their debut album, 'Relentless' is now available on Spotify and YouTube. Follow Aviira on Facebook and Instagram.

– Jord Tury Editor-in-Chief

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