• Jord Tury


Updated: Aug 19

2020 has fallen and the rivalry between music promoters has landed. The battle to uncover the local talent has begun and The Void is more than ready to join the hunt. So, what can we expect this year from The Void? Well – big things, to be honest.

The end of 2019 saw the opening chapters of the platform. Admittedly, we were finding our feet in the underground scene for a while. But, thanks to a kick and a shove in the right direction, The Void has found its niche and is readier than ever to enter the mix stronger than ever.

As before, our aim is to provide local talent with the spotlight they rightfully deserve in order to locate new followers. Through the power of research and gripping write-ups, our goal is to put the artist in the centre and draw the crowd to the flame. Of course, as we gather even more writers from across the UK, our efforts will maximise and the chances of discovering new musicians will double.

The final touches have been made, and The Void is officially on the map. Sure, we might be facing some pretty crazy contenders, but we'll be sticking with our word and doing all that we can to help aspiring artists. Not for vanity. Not for profit. But for the love of the industry and the art behind the music.

So, here we are – ready to jump to action. Keep an eye on The Void, for we have big things heading your way. Follow us. Share our work. Tell your friends. Point us in the direction of any untapped talent around the UK. Together – we'll resurrect the scene and bring artists the credit they deserve.

See you soon!

- Jord Tury Editor-in-Chief

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