Okay, so you've probably seen a whole bunch of rock mags around the UK. So, what makes The Void any different? Well, for starters, The Void takes a major step away from the mainstream market and focuses more on the local up and coming artists who just want to try and establish themselves as a solo artist or band.

The Void aims to reach out to solo artists, bands, and any other creatives, all in hope of discovering their raw talent and transforming it into print for others to read and absorb.

We aim to promote, inform, and entertain our UK guys and girls within the rock scene. From metal to punk, indie to tech - The Void works to cover the new faces on the block, whatever the backstory.

At present, The Void is a solo project edited and published by one person. So, if you happen to be feeling generous any time soon, please feel free to keep The Void ticking over by pledging 70p a month on Patreon. (FILL OUR VOID).

If you're after your very own piece for The Void, feel free to message thevoiduk@outlook.com




Alright, so you're a keen writer and you love the alternative music scene. Well good – because The Void might just be your next calling card.

The Void is looking to expand and bring in new volunteers to pitch in towards the running of the platform. This means locating local bands/solo artists and writing a piece for the site. Of course, the write-up can range in word count, but ideally, 300+ is preferred.

The Void focuses on local UK bands who are in need of a spotlight to help gather new followers and build on the fanbase. So, with a bundle of links, music videos, Spotify tracks and band photos – fans can be brought to the talent. This is what The Void takes great pride in. But we need you to help scout out the entirety of the UK underground scene.


So, if you're interested in writing for a music site and building on your portfolio, then drop an email to thevoiduk@outlook.com with the subject "The Void" followed by an example write-up on any band (local/global). The example piece can be about anything your heart desires. From gigs to album reviews, local talent to interview pieces – make it your own and add some personality.

This is a volunteer position as The Void is in the initial stages. But, if you have a passion for the arts and love to write, then this is the place for you to get started.


If you're accepted then you will be asked to write three articles a week. Of course, terms can be discussed upon approval. Perks and bonuses will be a great addition moving forward. We hope to hear from you soon!


- Jord Tury

Jordan Tury

(Founder & Editor-in-Chief)

Ever since I was young I had the heart for good music, creative writing, and helping others. I guess that's sort of why I founded The Void. 

On top of my day to day responsibilities with other platforms (Vocal, Daily Gaming Report, Punk Plays, The ALT Parent) I love to spend time getting to know the local artists in the UK. 

With a nudge in the right direction I hope to bring the fans to the talent through witty, but informative write-ups.

I'm your regular twenty-five-year-old Dad from Worcester, UK. But, for The Void, I like to believe I'm the one who pulls the strings. Sometimes.

Saff Southgate


I'm an avid pianist, as well as a vocalist for my current musical project. I've been in the scene for a number of years now within bands, as well as booking and promoting live music events. Without being cliché – music really is my passion.

Emma has spent most of her life attending concerts, festivals, band signings and spending all her pocket money on band merch. She used this interest to her advantage and became a radio producer for her local radio station. Once graduating from Birmingham City University with a Media and Communication degree, she decided to combine her love for music and her qualifications to dedicate her time to becoming a music writer. After drawing her days at the radio to a close, she now writes for online music blogs/magazines. Although, she has had experience in interviewing and writing about musicians in the charts, her speciality is helping unsigned artists gain the press attention they deserve

Emma Mages



Do you only represent signed artists?

No. If anything – we avoid the signed artists. The Void is a place for untapped talent to finally be recognised and promoted through punchy, personal and informative articles. We aim to discover those who are in need of a little attention in order to help build followers.


I'm in a band – can I ask for a write-up?

Yes! If you or a friend are looking to branch out and gather some extra media attention, please send an email to thevoiduk@outlook.com with the subject set as "The Void". We'll contact you shortly after and ask you a few questions about the band and the projects you're working on. An article can take anywhere between 1 and 3 days to publish live.

What's the catch?

There isn't one. The Void is a project created by Jordan Tury and is not financially supported by either contributors or readers. We don't plaster ads on our site or burden readers for money. The Void has a rather simple goal: to promote alternative music and have talent discovered by those willing to listen. The upkeep of The Void is paid for in small segments by Tury, however, further months might just reveal a sweet upgrade.

Can I support The Void?

By all means! Of course, financial recognition is the least of our priorities. But, saying that, if you're feeling generous and wish to support the rise of The Void, then you can pledge to Jordan Tury on Patreon here. Thank you in advance for your contribution.

Can I advertise on your site?

In a world so tainted with ads and mundane playback, it's nice for readers to take a step away from it all and bask beneath an emptier canvas. The Void prefers not to plaster ads left, right and centre – so no – we do not accept adverts on The Void.